About Us


Foinse Research Station is focused on providing a platform for Third Level research, (understood as “university level resesarch” in the United States) with specific interests in forests, woodlands, blanket bogs, geology, archeology, speleology and hydrology. The station is dedicated to advancing understanding through research, science-based environmental education and participation in effective regional ecosystem management. Foinse will offer indoor and outdoor laboratories for national and international students and researchers to study the environment, to learn how to measure and research plants, trees and other habitats and create a knowledge base. To view Foinse Research’s PDF brochure, please click here

Foinse Research Station seeks to gather existing research, establish short and long-term trials, work together with organisations currently studying in the geopark and provide a facility from which this information can be brought together to formulate best practice guidelines.

Many of the sites are in the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark (www.marblearchcavesgeopark.com). The Geopark features some of the finest natural landscapes in Ireland and has outstanding geological features, including a limestone-rich cave network and a high concentration of archaeological features, some dating as far back as Neolithic times.


There are extensive areas of afforested land, some of which covers limestone pavement and significant archaeological features. Limestone grasslands are present on the lower slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain, hosting unique communities of wild flowers, animals and insects. Upland blanket bog, up to two or three metres thick, covers large swathes of the landscape.

The underlying limestone and sandstone geology has helped to create rare, natural habitats; some of the last remaining natural areas of damp ash woodland in Ireland are found along rivers that emerge from hidden caves.


         Top: Forest at The Burren, County Cavan

Below: Waterfall at Cladagh Glen, County Fermanagh